Shelter Dog Breaks Out Of His Kennel At Night And Throws A Party

Gillagan is the official office greeter at the Bedford County Humane Society in Pennsylvania. The job has helped him overcome a lot of the issues that have plagued him since he was just a little pup, and he loves it! The dog has made so much progress…

But one night, Gillagan was feeling a little extra frisky and decided to break out of his kennel and throw a party for himself all by himself! A shelter worker came in the next morning and saw toys strewn all over the place and went to look for the culprit. And there was Gillagan, unapologetic and happy to see a familiar face! He didn’t go for any food, only toys. What a silly boy! Hopefully soon this dog finds a forever home where he can have parties like this all the time. 🙂

@stardust9822 Gillagan had one crazy night last night. 🥰 #funnydogvideos #shelterdogs #dog ♬ original sound – Stardust9822