Dog Too Lazy To Move From The Couch For More Pats Lets Dad Hear All About It

Dogs have their own way of letting us know when they want something, and they can make quite the argument as to why they deserve it. Their resulting tantrums are too adorable and we usually give in, but what happens when they want even more?

Buddy the American Boxer has already been to the dog park twice today, had a bath, and gone on a car ride, but he wants more. He wants to be petted, and he wants it now!

The dog has a stipulation though: he doesn’t want to move from the couch. Buddy makes a compelling argument for Dad to come over and pat him, but Dad insists that he doesn’t need any more love at the moment.

You can tell this Boxer is one spoiled baby and usually gets everything he wants, but Dad doesn’t give in this time. At the end, the dog finally breaks down and moves from the couch! How hilarious is this conversation? 😀