Family Thinks They’re Getting Two Normal Dogs, Then They See Them In Person

Joshua and Bee Fisher have three kids, but they were looking to expand the family. After lots of thought and research, they decided on the Newfoundland breed because of their loving demeanor. But there was one thing they didn’t realize about the dogs until they saw them in person…

The Fisher family wanted to add to their family and decided on a breed of dog known for getting along with kids.

After doing some research, the Fishers decided to go with two Newfoundlands because of their calm and loving nature.

But when mom and dad saw one of the dogs in person, they were shocked by the size. After all, the breed can grow up to six feet long from nose to tail and weigh over 270 pounds!

They brought Ralphie and Boss home, and the kids were blown away! Ralphie weighed in at 125 pounds and Boss at 160.

The Newfoundlands turned out to be as advertised: amazing with the young ones!

They truly are gentle giants and lap dogs at heart, allowing the kids to crawl all over them. And the family can take Ralphie and Boss anywhere!

The only downside? Drool and hair… And lots of it! But the family keeps emergency towels around for that very reason. 🙂

Although mom and dad didn’t realize just how MASSIVE these dogs can get, they know they made the right decision bringing Ralphie and Boss into their home!

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h/t DailyMail