Man Sees Lost Dog On Video 200 Days Later, Makes 1,200-Mile Trip To Get Him

Pat searched all over when his dog, Blue, went missing from their home in Tennessee. Over six months later, still nothing. The man was left devastated. Would he ever see his beloved pet again? The chances were looking slimmer and slimmer by the day.

Washington County Animal Shelter

But around 200 days later, Pat was sent a video (seen below) of a dog who looked just like Blue at the Washington County Animal Shelter playing with a ball. His eyes lit up, and he contacted the shelter saying, “That’s my dog!”

Pat would make the 1,200-mile trip from Texas where he had to relocate for work to reunite with his best friend, but it’d be worth it.

“We don’t have many happy endings like this one,” the shelter said on Facebook. “There were some tears, tons of doggie kisses and lots of smiles. What a great story! We are so happy that the dog we named Bones is back with his dad and ready to catch up on some loving.”

Back together where they belong! See the touching reunion in the video below: