Dog Living On The Street After Her Mother Was Killed Avoided Rescue Time After Time

Hope For Paws received a call about an abandoned dog that some neighbors were feeding. The dog spent her days sitting in a vacant lot fending for herself. Blondie and her three siblings had belonged to a family nearby, but they no longer wanted them.

Blondie’s mother had been hit by a car and killed, and her siblings had run away. Now she was all alone. And she kept managing to escape her rescuers. She had no idea they were there to help her. But it was on day two that Hope For Paws finally cornered her by a fence and captured her with the gentle snare.

Blondie was transported back to the facilities for medical treatment, and they found over 200 ticks on her! After some rest and adjusting, she was introduced to Yoda. Having a friend really cheered her up! 🙂

Blondie was sent to Farren Mahone for training where she’s learning what love and affection are all about. If you’re interested in adopting the sweet dog after she completes her training, visit LA Animal Rescue.