Thoughtful Dog Thinks To Move Fallen Tree Limb For Oncoming Blind Man

Twitter account CP Pune City posted a video to their page that shows just why dogs are considered Man’s Best Friend and why many prefer our furry friends to humans in most cases. Always so thoughtful and caring, our dogs are rooted in unconditional love and will do anything to help us out.

In the video, a blind man is walking down the path, and potential disaster awaits. In the way is a fallen tree branch. But here comes a selfless and intelligent German Shepherd walking off-leash alongside his owner.

The woman doesn’t think to move the stick for the blind man, but without being prompted, the good dog somehow senses the oncoming danger and turns around and moves the stick out of the way before the man can get to it. The dog then proceeds back to his owner to be embraced for a job well done. Dogs continue to surprise us! 🙂