Blind Kitten Sat In A Parking Lot Wondering How She’d Survive The Day

Hope For Paws received word about a blind kitten sitting in a parking lot. JoAnn and Katie headed out for rescue and learned that there was also a mother and two other kittens around. They had to get the blind kitty to the hospital right away but said they’d be back for the rest of the family.

It turned out Kenshi’s eyes were irreparably ulcerated and ruptured due to feline herpes. There was nothing that could be done to save the eyes, so she was scheduled for surgery. It all went well, and two days later the rest of her family showed up to see how she was doing!

They’d be put up for adoption, and Kenshi (now Cherry) would find a perfect forever home with another blind cat named Charlie! Wait until you see her at home with her new family. Amazing! 🙂