Dogs Weren’t Happy About The New Puppy, But Now They Go On So Many Adventures Together

Tim’s job moved him from California to the middle of nowhere in Alaska. But it ended up being a blessing in disguise. It opened him up to going on so many different types of adventures with his dogs, and they absolutely loved tagging along. Then one day his wife was out jogging when she found some puppies sitting by a tree.

One puppy kept following her around, so they kept him and made sure the other puppies also found homes. The friendly, fluffy puppy was named Bjorn, and the other dogs weren’t too sure of what to think of him at first. Henry and Rivers already had a good thing going with their dad and were skeptical of this new pup.

But Bjorn quickly let his new brothers know that he was sticking around for good. And it didn’t take long for Henry and Rivers to accept him into the gang.

Living in Alaska, there are so many different types of adventures for them to go on. From hiking in the mountains to playing in the snow to taking trips to check out the northern lights, they pretty much have fun covered!

Tim doesn’t miss a chance to film the adventures, because he’s so proud of his family. And can you blame him? These dogs are so amazing and they have so much fun together! It’s so great to be able to follow along with them, and you can do so on Instagram and YouTube. 🙂