Owner Learns Of His Dog’s Sickness And Leaves Him On The Roadside

A dog with a rare disease that left him unable to walk properly was abandoned on the roadside by his owner. This person didn’t want to have to deal with the sickness and left the poor boy here to fend for himself. Out of sight, out of mind. So sad…

Thankfully, some rescuers would discover Bimul and take him in for help! The disease affected all four of his legs, and it was decided that physical therapy would be the best method for improvement.

But Bimul was in pain and didn’t trust anyone. He was afraid they would hurt him, so they did their best to massage him and show that it was for the best. But an orthopedic device on his front leg went a long way to start making progress! The dog was able to go home with his friends to continue his rehabilitation, and his life is totally different now… See Bimul today! 🙂