Biker Comes Up On A Small Dog In The Middle Of The Road, Pulls Over

A guy was out riding his motorbike on some back roads in Australia when he spotted a small figure in front of him off in the distance. Right there in the middle of the road was a small dog who was looking as lost as could be. The man pulled over immediately and called for the dog.

Luckily, the dog had a tag on his collar with all of his information. But the man’s cell phone was out of minutes. It wasn’t long before a biker came along, and the man asked the biker if he had a phone he could use. He dialed the number for the dog’s owner.

The teamwork of these two strangers would pay off as the dog owners would soon show up to be reunited with their dog who’d somehow managed to escape their property. A happy ending for a “naughty puppy dog” who just felt a little extra adventurous that day! 🙂