Left To Fend For Herself, Girl Dog Lay Neglected In The Muddy Road

Bianca was a victim of the cruelty of humans and lay neglected in the dirty road expected to be able to fend for herself. She didn’t even look like a dog but more like a twisted, mangled white pretzel. Thankfully, someone saw her for the injured and desperate pup that she was.

The dog cried out for help, and she was finally heard. Amicii Dog Rescue took her in, and she had horrible wounds on her body that were full of maggots. But she was safe now. It would be a long road to recovery, but Bianca was eating and drinking which was a great sign!

Then one day, Bianca got up and spontaneously walked around the room for the first time since being rescued! She was such a fighter and wanted nothing more than to see a second chance at life. Before long, the little girl went on to be with her foster parents in Romania! She looks so good now and will never have to worry about being left behind again. 🙂