Puppy Makes It His Duty To Oversee School Bus Pick-Up Each And Every Morning

When Bentley was brought into the Nixon home, he changed their lives forever. The Golden Retriever puppy was perfect for them, and he meshed so well with the family’s five kids! But it’s the two youngest girls who received preferential treatment from the pup! ūüėČ

Melissa Nixon

As a young puppy new to this world, it was hard for Bentley to understand what was going on every morning. His human siblings would leave and not come back until later in the day, and this big yellow machine was to blame. So he started going out to the driveway with them to oversee the situation!

Melissa Nixon

Bentley started taking this very seriously and took it upon himself to see that the kids made it safely onto the school bus each and every morning. And the bus driver has even gotten to know Bentley and gives him a special shout-out over the bus’ loudspeaker!

See the pup on duty in the video below from their mom, Melissa Nixon. ūüôā

H/T – The Dodo