Therapy Dog Has His Own Business Cards That He Passes Out To People

Benji the Labrador wasn’t always a calm, outgoing dog. In fact, he had a lot of anxiety as a pup, and Dad wanted to do something about it. Their yard wasn’t big enough for agility activities, so he looked into therapy sessions.

Benji took obedience classes and therapy dog training before eventually passing the Therapy Dogs International test in 2014. And that’s when he really hit his stride in life. 🙂

The friendly Lab would visit nursing homes, schools, and hospitals to lift spirits and help people through tough times. Russel Teck, Benji’s dad, started printing off business cards at home for the pup to hand out to people. “My name is Benji. I hope my visit has brightened your day,” the front of the cards says.

FacebookBenji The Therapy Dog

Everyone at the local hospital knows Benji, and patients never forget his visits. People are so thankful for what he does, and they make sure to let him know it!

FacebookBenji The Therapy Dog

Russel and Benji have found their purpose in life, and it’s to make people feel better and improve their lives. They make a great team, and Russel is proud to be known as Benji’s Dad!

h/t – The Dodo