Good Samaritan Sees Eyes Staring Back In The Night Alongside Busy Freeway

Hope For Paws received an urgent call from Nelly Barajas after she and her mom spotted a tiny kitty on the side of the busy freeway staring back at them in the night. They pulled over to help, but the frightened kitten ran under and up into their car for safety.

Rescuers surrounded the car with plastic fencing and started to look for the kitty. It turned out she’d crawled on top of the tire and wedged in real tight. Eldad used the sewer camera to figure out the best way to get to the cat for safe rescue.

Eldad was able to grab the kitten, but she bit him out of fear. But he said it was well worth it! They took the cat back for a checkup and some food, and Kitty Bungalow agreed to foster her. This kitty was once scared, but now she loves everyone! See little Bellflower below. 🙂