Bella Thinks She’s Just On A Walk, Gets To See Her Dad Again

Bella thought she was just on another walk. But in reality, she was about to be reunited with her owner. Losing a dog is a depressing and scary thing, and that’s why reunions like the one you’re about to see below are so special.

“Losing Bella was the worst nightmare, it felt like someone punched me in the stomach a million times. She ran away from my dog sitting friends house, while I was in Florida. Me, my family and friends looked for her for 3 long days! We put flyers, called every shelter in the area, activated an amber alert, and I did not got to work 2 days looking for her. She was lost very far away in queens and we live in Manhattan! I had to travel almost 2 hours just to get to where she was lost! But We did not give up till we found her! In the video you can see Bella’s and I reaction of happiness, joy and tears! Enjoy!”