Man Shares His Bed With 9 Senior Dogs, With The Irish Wolfhound Beside It

You might call him crazy, and it definitely isn’t easy, but this man shares his bed with 9 senior dogs every night. Well, the Irish Wolfhound is so big that he has to lie beside the bed! And every morning they have the same routine of heading downstairs to go wake up the other animals in the house. That’s right… there are more pets!

Those other animals? Bikini the pig, a rescue turkey, some ducks, chickens and a rabbit! First things first, they all head outside for a potty break. And then it’s back inside for breakfast! There are lots of different diets going on, so Dad prepares them all at once and gets it over with.

Betty the chicken even hangs out with the dogs all the time and go on walks with them! She tags along in the wagon with a couple of the other dogs who have trouble walking. 🙂

“It’s a lot of work, you know, it’s true,” the man said. “But it’s definitely worth it. My life wouldn’t be the same without them.”