Dog Joins Neighbor Dog At The Fence Every Day For Her Massage

Kayleigh Burrowes has an eight-month-old pup named Beaù, and the dog is always happy and loves to cuddle. And she knows how to get what she wants! Especially from the neighbor dog Rocco. The two met months ago and became instant friends despite their physical differences. And one day, Kayleigh looked outside to see Beaù getting a massage through the fence from Rocco!

She couldn’t believe what she was seeing and had to do a double take. But it kept happening. Now it’s an everyday thing! She took out her phone and recorded a few instances for everyone to see.

Beaù will visit Rocco at the fence for her daily back rub, and she’d sit there and let him do it all day long if Mom didn’t call her back inside! How funny is this little arrangement between these two? They are truly the best of friends! 🙂