Bear Wanders Up And Wakes Man Sleeping By His Pool

For Dawn Bete‘s husband, Matt, this was a moment he’d never forget. One day while napping out by the pool, he couldn’t have been having a more relaxing time — other than the fact that a bear had just wandered up out of nowhere!

The bear can be seen in the Ring doorbell footage going up to the swimming pool to take a drink of the cool water before noticing the man and deciding to check him out. The bear proceeds to walk up to Matt and paw at his foot waking him up. This startles Matt who, surprisingly, takes the scary encounter in stride!

Dawn received a text from her husband about what was happening, but she didn’t believe it until she saw the video! In the end, the bear meant no harm and was probably more frightened by the situation than Matt. Plus, it’s a good story to tell (and show) for years to come! 😀