A Stubborn Owner Stood Between These Sad Puppy Eyes And A Good Life

Bean spent his days and nights alone in a pen in his backyard filled with garbage and his own waste. He received no love or affection from his stubborn owner, but thankfully, PETA fieldworkers discovered the dog and stepped in to help.

Bean’s owner wouldn’t give him up, so the fieldworkers continued to visit the dog over the years and make his life as good as possible. In addition to playing with the pup and giving him the only attention he ever got, they replaced his rotting house and delivered some straw bedding.

Through it all, Bean never lost his spirit. And it would eventually all pay off; After three long years, he was finally handed over to PETA! Bean would spend his first Christmas with a loving family who’d never neglect him. The dog’s living the life he’s always deserved, and it’s amazing to see! Check it out below. 🙂