Abandoned Dog Spent All Day Begging For Food In A Starbucks Parking Lot

Hope For Paws received a call from a Starbucks employee about an abandoned dog hanging out in their parking lot. The little dog spent all day begging anyone and everyone for food, and he was exhausted. Eldad arrived and worked on gaining the dog’s trust.

He offered the pup some food and eventually placed the Lucky Leash around his neck. For just a moment the dog got nervous, but Eldad assured him he was safe now. He posted a picture of the dog to Instagram asking for name suggestions, and Bean it was! 🙂

Bean had no microchip, and he was taken back to get cleaned up and checked out. The sweet and playful dog continued on to his foster home after receiving medical care, and that’s where he awaits the next chapter of his life. You can contact The Forgotten Dog to apply to adopt Bean. 🙂

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