Puppy Is Pulled From Deep In The Sewer, And Mama Thanks Rescuers

A puppy was trapped deep down in a sewer pipe, and Animal Aid Unlimited set out for rescue. The mother dog was frantically pacing back and forth, and they could hear the distant cry of the pup. Rescuers entered as far as they could but just couldn’t reach him, so they had no choice but to send one person knee deep through the sewage from another entryway.

When they finally got to the pup, he was drowning and just barely hanging on to life. The little guy needed medical care at the hospital, but first they let his mother comfort him for a bit. They couldn’t bring Mama along because she had two other puppies to care for, but they would bring this one back to her. 🙂

The puppy was exhausted from the struggle and all the crying. He was checked over and kept for a few hours for observation, and the employees absolutely loved him for the short while they had him. But someone important was waiting for him…

They returned the puppy to his mother, and she seemed to thank the rescuers for saving her son. Just look at how happy Barney and his mother are back together! 🙂