Mama Stood By Helplessly As Her Puppy Needed A Helping Hand

A street puppy named Barnaby was probably innocently playing when a passing vehicle hit his head. He bled from his mouth and nose and seemed disoriented. Animal Aid suspected he had a head injury and hurried him to their hospital and were relieved to find him alert and cognitively stable. But they soon realized that he had a hairline jaw fracture. Puppies this young have soft bones that knit together quickly, so they did not have to wire his jaw. With pain medicine to ease the swelling, Barnaby ate like a champ!

Rescuers kept him quiet and comforted for 15 days, and as he grew stronger, they could see how eager he was to go back home to his parents and siblings. The injury healed well, but without pain medicine, soft food, and loving care, Barnaby might have died without eating again. Wait until you see him today! 🙂