Scared Dog Staying Near The Freeway Wouldn’t Let Anyone Close

Hope For Paws received a call from Toi Crawford about a scared dog living beside the freeway. She was staying in an enclosed area but was terrified of humans, so no one could get close. Toi had been feeding the dog for the past week, but even she couldn’t touch her.

Eldad, Loreta, and Toi devised a plan and worked to section off some of the area so the dog wouldn’t be able to get past them. And when the pup came running by, Eldad was able to land a lucky snare grab on the dog’s foot! Now for the first time, Toi could pet the dog she’d been helping out.

They named her Barbie, and the dog was about to make a huge transformation and show off her true personality! She received a bath and went on to her foster home with Smooch Pooch Rescue. You can contact them if you’d like to be the lucky one to adopt this sweet girl! 🙂