Dog Follows His Nose To A Lost Pup In The Snowy Woods

Banjo the nine-month-old German Wirehaired Pointer has always had a great nose, even for a dog! But who would’ve guessed someday that talent would save a life?

As Banjo and Dad were out doing some cross-country skiing one day near their home in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, the dog whipped up his tail after catching a scent and took off running toward the woods.

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Dad knew this meant something was there, so he followed along. And there in the snow he saw a furry golden head pop up from the burrow the pup had dug to sleep in. The lost pup was scared and cold and wouldn’t let anyone close, so the man called animal control. They were able to contact the dog’s owners, and the sound of their voices seemed to give the dog some life!

He learned the dog’s name was Louie, and the pup had gone missing from a nearby dog park days ago. After a blizzard came through the area, it made finding the dog even more difficult. In fact, Mom was out with a search party when she got the call that Louie had been found. She came trekking through the snow for the half-hour journey to reunite with him, and all was now well with the world!

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Today, Louie is safe and sound at home thanks to Banjo, the dog with the super-smelling nose! 🙂

H/T – The Dodo