Puppy Found On The Verge Of Collapse Sees Body Shift To A Brand New State

Bahubali was found about as close to death as a dog could be. The stray had a fracture, tick fever, skin issues, and was completely emaciated. He was one of the dogs local students had been feeding and caring for, but he got lost while they were away leading to his current condition.

The dog was on the verge of collapsing as he was rushed to the vet for first aid. Staff couldn’t take a chance with the sickly pup and put him under constant medical supervision. Medicated baths would greatly help with his skin problems, and soon, he also started gaining strength. 🙂

After putting a cast on his leg fracture, the vets were happy to see him break out of his shell a bit! Bahubali put on some weight and made a turn for the better, and with the love and support of his mom, the dog made an unbelievable transformation. See it in the video below!