‘Backyard Dog’ Grew More Depressed By The Day Out There With No One & Nothing

A dog named Lady was confined to the backyard 24/7 year-round where it was muddy and would flood when it rained. The Shepherd had nothing and never received any attention. She was desperately lonely and grew more and more depressed by the day.

For years, PETA fieldworkers would stop by and pay the poor dog visits. But no matter how much they tried to persuade the owner to hand her over to them, they stubbornly refused. Lady was spiraling and sometimes wouldn’t even come out of her doghouse. Something had to be done.

PETA never gave up on her, and their persistence finally paid off! The owner agreed to give Lady up, and it was the beginning of a brand new life for her. Now named Wolfie von Fluffer Bottom, see the good girl today in the forever home of her dreams! 🙂