The Black & White Babies Got Stuck In A Jacuzzi, And Their Worried Mom Looked On

Hope For Paws received a call unlike any they’d ever gotten before; Their friends at the Pacific Wildlife Project told them about a few baby skunks who’d fallen into a jacuzzi and couldn’t get out. And their worried mama kept pacing around it not knowing what to do.

The mother scurried away when the rescuers arrived on scene, but she kept a close eye from afar. They decided the best course of action was to pick up each baby and place it near the mom and let them go to her. Only one of the six skunks got lost and wandered away, but Loretta was able to track it down.

The babies were all reunited with their mother for a job well done! It may have been an unusual call for Hope For Paws, but the work and effort was all the same. 🙂

A special thanks to the family who decided to allow the skunk family to remain in their yard until they were ready to leave.