Mom Watches Baby And Bulldog, Witnesses The Defining Moment They Become Friends Forever

Every dog owner with a baby on the way envisions the day the two will bond and become best friends forever. Because face it, no one makes better companions than dogs and kids. Growing up alongside each other, they learn to tackle anything and everything together and form an unbreakable bond.

For baby Lucca’s mom, she couldn’t wait until the day her son and dog, Paje the Bulldog, could embrace each other. And in the video below, she captured the exact moment they solidified their bond. Paje lifts his arm and gently places it around the baby to secure his new best friend.

Mom’s dreams have come true! And the cuddling was no accident. Just moments later, Paje lifts his head to see if Lucca is positioned correctly and comfortably and kisses him on the head! Many think Bulldogs are vicious, but this good boy proves them wrong. The two besties continue napping as some Frank Sinatra plays for ultimate relaxation! 🙂