Sneaky Baby Crawls Up To Husky Prompting The Dog’s Adorable Greeting

Dogs and babies make the absolute best companions, and watching them interact is unlike anything else. Their genuine curiosity and natural playfulness bring out the ultimate cuteness. The memories they make together truly last a lifetime, especially when captured on video like the instance you’re about to see below.

When dad started recording this, there was no way he knew it would end up being so precious. The baby starts it off by crawling up to the Husky to say hello and reaching out for a pet. When the baby finally makes contact, the dog has the most adorable reaction.

The friendly Husky flips over onto his back and plants lots of kisses on his human sibling. It takes the baby by complete surprise, and his facial expression says it all! Dad can’t help but laugh. It’s a moment that’ll help to lay the foundation for a lifelong friendship between the two, and it’s something they can look back on and watch forever. 🙂