Mama Keeps A Close Eye As Rescuers Pull Kittens From The Attic One By One

Hope For Paws received a call from someone who heard crying kittens in their attic. So Eldad arrived with JoAnn Wiltz, his cat expert. As soon as they peeked up into the attic, the mom was right there glaring back at them. A mother is always very protective of her newborns, so they would have to be super careful.

Using a flashlight to distract the mama cat, Eldad started grabbing the kittens one by one and handing them down to be safely put in a crate. But then it was time to figure out how to get the mom. So they put the kitty crate outside right up against a bigger crate hoping to lure her in.

And it worked! Now the entire family was ready to head back for checkups. All of the cats are currently being socialized with some other cats and kittens JoAnn is fostering, and they’re all ready for adoption. To adopt Maryland, Memphis, Miami, Malibu, Charlotte, Vista, or Phoenix, contact Kitt Crusaders! 🙂