Artie Just Found Out She’s Going To Be A Sister, Isn’t So Sure About Having A Puppy Around

Artie the Belgian Malinois was just told that she’s going to be a big sister, and the look on her face just about says it all! Mom breaks the news about getting a new puppy, and Artie sits there in disbelief for a moment staring off into space. Then the dog turns and stares at Mom in total shock! 😀

“Artie, you’re going to be a big sister. We’re getting a new puppy!” Mom says. The thought of no longer being an only child is not something Artie’s prepared for.

But don’t worry. Once baby brother Beau’s brought home, Artie warms right up to him! You can see them playing together in the video below. See? It’s not so bad having a sibling and lifelong best friend. 🙂