Cat Found Near A Mall After Being Shot 60 Times With A BB Gun

This cat was found badly injured near a mall in Virginia. They believe he was shot by a BB gun or shotgun, as he has about 60 pellets throughout his body. Adopted by Anne Hancock, Arrow the cat is very loving and trusting despite everything he’s gone through.

Here are the x-rays showing 20 some pellets in his head, as well as 40 some throughout the rest of his body. The AWLA’s chief financial officer never saw such a badly injured cat. It was safer to leave the pellets in rather than try and remove them.

<a href=httpswwwawlaorg rel=noopener noreferrer target= blank>Animal Welfare League of Arlington<a>

Arrow’s one eye was badly infected and had to be removed. The other has a detached retina and doesn’t work. But he lives a life of luxury and is treated like a prince. 🙂

Anne Hancock

Anne Hancock is amazed at how trusting Arrow is despite what he’ gone through. His love and affection brings out the best in everyone, noting that she feels like she won the lottery by adopting him.

Anne Hancock

Even though he’s blind, Arrow has adjusted nicely to his new life. He can get up and down steps and even turns his head toward Anne as if looking at her. Anne was just one of hundreds who reached out to adopt Arrow and hopes more people will look at rescues when searching for a new pet.

Such an inspirational story that we can take so much from.