Arlo The Pittie Gets Sad Because People Say He Looks Mean

Parents have told their children to stay away from Arlo and have even asked his owner if she’s sure he’s a certified therapy dog. These are the types of things a mama of a pittie has to deal with on a daily basis… Arlo is gentle and calm and actually just a young pup, and it makes him sad that people think he’s mean.

Hannah bought her first house and was ready to adopt a dog. She wanted a bully breed and was browsing the local rescue’s website and saw a litter of eight, and that’s when their life together began! Ever since she brought him home at eight weeks old, his personality has been the same—Like that of a grandpa! She even calls him Gramps at times. He’s just very gentle-natured and friendly and has even become a certified therapy dog to help others. Just don’t tell him he looks mean! 😉