Dog Had Spent His Entire Life At The Public Pound, But His Cry For Help Was Heard One Day

This poor dog spent his life in the public pound. He knew of nothing else and was in a constant state of heartbreak. He’d been passed over and ignored so many times, it no longer fazed him when he saw people walk by. So the day his rescuers showed up, he had no idea they were there to help.

Arkin seemed to be completely without hope. He didn’t bark, and he didn’t whine. It were as if he had come to terms with his fate of never leaving this horrible place. But this was the day his inner cry for help would be heard.

Howl Of A Dog decided to rescue this beautiful boy and took him to the vet clinic to get medical care. He suffered from a terrible flea infestation and received a medicated bath to help get rid of parasites.

It took some time, but Arkin’s sadness began to fade away. It was time to start a brand new life, and every day he came out of his shell a little more.

Arkin is still in the care of Howl Of A Dog but has made an incredible recovery and is loving every moment of his new life. Just look at how happy he is! But he still needs a forever home, and that’s the only way his story can truly have a happy ending.

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