A Feral Mother & Her Kitten Didn’t Trust Them, But They Were The Cats’ Only Hope

Hope For Paws received a call about a homeless feral cat and her kitten. The rescuers arrived on scene and knew that the mother wouldn’t come to them, so they approached the kitty with some food. But she was not interested. The mom had already run away, so they had to act quickly and capture the kitten with a net.

Within a split second, this kitty’s life changed forever! Rescuers put Arabella in a crate and waited around for two hours, but the mama didn’t show up. So they headed back to the hospital for a checkup. The kitten was so thirsty, she started licking at her bath water.

They had left a crate with the neighbor who called them, and the mother was caught the very next day! They named her Knee-Socks and reunited the two cats. Knee-Socks was quickly adopted by L.A. Animal Rescue, but Arabella still needs that happy ending. Contact Room 8 Cats if interested.