After Having To Close Down, Aquariums Are Allowing Their Penguins To Roam

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses and places of entertainment have had to temporarily shut down all over the world. Included in these closings are aquariums, namely the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago and the Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town, South Africa. But these two businesses still found a way to entertain through social media! 🙂

With no human visitors allowed in these places, the aquariums were able to release the penguins and let them to roam as the lone guests. And the results were too wholesome and adorable.

Here the Two Oceans Aquarium freed their penguins, and we get to see how they go down steps. And it’s cuter than you could ever imagine:

The Shedd Aquarium quickly learned that penguins are completely fascinated by watching the fish! 🙂

The “field trip” allowed the aquatic birds to get out and wander around and explore the premises as much as they wanted.

During this tough time, maybe little things like this can serve as a tiny silver lining and make us smile.