Dog Lay In A Pile Of Hay In The Road Seeking Any Little Bit Of Comfort

Animal Aid Unlimited arrived on scene to help an injured stray who lay in the middle of the street on the brink of death. He had severe mange and was starving, and the open wound between his shoulders had become infested with maggots. They’d have to use a net to catch him so the dog wouldn’t try to run away.

Rescuers got him back to the hospital right away and gave him pain medicine. They weren’t sure if they could save the good boy’s life, but they could at least offer comfort in the end. They would have to clean and rewrap his wound every day until it healed.

The dog started to turn a corner and got his appetite back! His wound was healing, but his fur wasn’t growing. In the end, the sweet boy would overcome the infected wound, mange, and starvation in heroic fashion! Meet Antonio today… 🙂