Street Dog Who Couldn’t Move Found Under A Blanket So Weak And Thin

Animal Aid Unlimited received a call that a young street dog was unable to move on his own. They set out and found the good boy partly under a blanket and so thin and weak. But he still managed to wag his tail at the thought of being rescued despite being so ill.

It turned out the distemper virus made him anorexic and therefore weakened him. Staff gave him antibiotics to prevent a secondary pneumonia and checked for fractures. There were no broken bones, but the dog had no strength or coordination to stand.

By day five, the good boy was already showing improvement. And on day 20, he was still wobbly but able to bear more weight. And it was when he was desperately wanting to hurry over for some love and attention that he pushed himself to take those first steps on his own! See Sparkle today. 🙂