Dieting French Bulldog Gets Upset When He Finds Out He Can’t Have More Food

Dieting is no fun, but it’s something some of us most do once in a while for our long term health. As tough and painful as it may be, we just have to find a way to tough it out! For dogs who don’t understand the benefits of being on a diet, well, they just don’t see anything good coming out of this! 😀

In the video below, we see Cashew the French Bulldog finishing his breakfast. As soon as he’s done, he’s asking for more. Mom has to kindly remind him that he’s on a diet and that he’s had his suggested portion for the time being. The Frenchie erupts into quite the temper tantrum!

“No! Your breakfast is gone, you’ve had enough. You’ll get more tonight at supper. You are not starving,” Mom says trying to reason with her pup.

You got this, Cashew! 😉