A Homeless, Half-Faced Cat Just Needed To Show The World How Sweet She Is

Hope For Paws received a call about a cat living on the street with part of her face missing. JoAnn set out for rescue right away and found the kitty taking refuge within a fenced-in area. The cat certainly looked worse for wear, but she was so friendly and sweet.

It’s as if the cat knew this rescuer was there to help her and surrendered. JoAnn placed her in a crate to take her back to the hospital and decided to name her Angel Face! There she’d be diagnosed with a fungal infection called Cryptococcus and test positive for the feline immunodeficiency virus.

It’d take months of expensive oral anti-fungal medication to treat her condition, and she’d go on to be fostered by Let Them Be Little Feline Rescue while being cared for. This sweet cat has hope thanks to donors and everyone who simply watches and shares the video, and she’ll go on to a lovely forever home one day! 🙂