Rescuers Surround Car With Fence Before Realizing It’s Just A Tiny Pup Under There

Hope For Paws was told of a stray dog hiding underneath of a car, so they drove over an hour to meet up with the Good Samaritan who called it in. When they arrived, they realized how hot the concrete was and quickly moved to surround the vehicle with a fence.

After rescuers surrounded the car, they were surprised to see just how tiny the puppy was. The poor thing had tried to escape the heat as best as possible, but now she was in good hands. The dog didn’t put up much of a fight and was happy to finally have some water to drink.

They decided to name her America and took her back to have what was probably her first bath ever. She was so friendly and cooperative throughout the entire thing! 🙂

Now all this little sweetie needs is her forever home, and you can help make that happen simply by watching and sharing her story.

Who knows where this puppy came from, but her early life was full of uncertainty and fear. Fortunately, her life changed forever on this day. 🙂

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