Family Takes In Dog Found At Gas Station And Thinks They Know What They’re Getting Into

Rescuing a dog isn’t always what people might expect, and that can be a good thing! And the story of Ralph is proof of that. He was adopted by a family after being abandoned at a gas station, and he wasn’t quite what they expected. For every doubt, worry, and thought, “Along Came Ralph” to debunk them all. 🙂

Ralph was found napping by the gas pumps, and Sidewalk Specials took him in but had to wait 14 days just in case his owners were found. After that, his new family came for him. They were a bit concerned about a rescue dog being around their daughter, and they thought a rescue dog would be high maintenance…

But along came Ralph! They didn’t plan to adopt their first foster, and they never believed that the dog can “choose you.” Ralph turned out to be exactly what this family needed and wanted.