Injured Dog Kept Running From Everyone, Then Local Kids Stepped In To Help

Animal Aid received a call about a stray with a badly wounded leg. The dog would run from everyone not realizing they were just trying to help, so rescuers had to use a net to catch him. This is when many local children saw what was going on and decided to help out. 🙂

A deep laceration had opened a vein in the dog’s leg, and that’s why blood was everywhere. But they got to work on that and provided the pup with fluids and sedation to start fixing him up. Since it was a recent wound, they were able to suture it closed.

Without urgent rescue, this poor dog would not have lasted much longer. But now he’s eating and trusting people and is completely healed up. Meet Almond today! 🙂

If you’d like to help Animal Aid rescue more street animals, you can donate here.