Woman Hears A Noise Coming From A Pipe, Looks In To See Two Eyes Staring Back

A woman heard whining coming from an underground pipe and looked inside to investigate. That’s when she saw two big eyes staring back at her! It was a mama dog and her newborn pups all cuddled up together.

Catalina went home to get some food and returned. She put bread just outside of the pipe opening, and the mother dog came for it right away. She had a noticeable limp, but she was hungry and just wanted to protect her babies.

The woman gathered the puppies and cleaned out an old hen house for the family to use temporarily. A trip to the vet revealed a dislocated hip for Alma, and she was malnourished and needed some medicine. The mama is set to have hip surgery, and the puppies will be adopted out once ready. Thanks to Catalina, this dog family gets a second chance! 🙂