Stray Could Hardly Eat, So Rescuers Couldn’t Imagine She’d End Up Such A Beautiful Dog

Hope For Paws received a call about a stray in a desert town located two hours east of Los Angeles. They were told the dog had ingested acid which resulted in terrible chemical burns in her mouth. When rescuers arrived on scene, it was worse than they thought. The poor dog could hardly even eat.

The Lucky Leash was placed on Alice, and she was carried to the Hope For Paws vehicle. Years of neglect and abuse had left this dog in horrible shape, and she’d require urgent medical care. The poor thing suffered from chemical burns, corneal ulcers, anemia, a heart murmur, and needed an invasive dental surgery. Alice spent a week at the hospital under close supervision.

After two months of recovery, Chris and Michele Gentry were asked to foster Alice. The couple had adopted Fiona from Hope For Paws seven years ago, and they knew they’d be a good fit for the dog until she found her forever home. But the Gentrys fell in love with Alice and just had to adopt her! Alice is now named Sufi, and just wait until you see her today. 🙂

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