Neighbors Can’t Ignore Muzzled Dog The Town’s Doing Nothing About, So They Jump The Fence

They were terrified to see what was going on at the house next door: A puppy being neglected, chained up all day and even muzzled at times for no reason. They tried to call the police, but nothing was done. These kind neighbors finally had enough. One day, they jumped the fence and freed the neglected dog. He was about to get the family he’s always deserved.

This nameless pup with no real family was chained up and forgotten about.

He was all alone…

Just the concrete to lie on.

The pup would bark and cry for help…

Thankfully, the neighbors took notice and called the cops. But nothing was being done.

So they jumped the fence and saved the dog. They named him Alfie. And this is his new dad. 🙂

No more concrete. Just wide open spaces to be free and happy.

No chains, no muzzles, no restrictions.

And of course Alfie needed some toys!

His new family came with a sibling. Aww! 🙂

Alfie got to do things with his new family that he never knew.

He got to play like a normal dog.

Love, freedom, and happiness. No dog deserves less.

What an amazing, happy ending to such a sad beginning. These nice people deserve all the credit in the world for doing the right thing.