Dog Stops And Stares At The Owner He Hasn’t Seen In Three Years

We always wonder if our dogs will remember us after being away on a long vacation or business trip, and I think this video will help to settle that question once and for all. It’s never easy to leave our companions behind, but sometimes it’s absolutely necessary. It turns out dogs have an even better memory than we ever gave them credit for.

Dogs are so smart and so loyal, they continue to amaze us all the time. Combine that with their memory and great sense of smell, and let’s just say they aren’t forgetting us any time soon. If there were ever a situation to truly test whether a dog could forget its owner, the one in this video is it.

It’s been a long three years since this dog has seen his owner. Mom has him on his leash as they wait for dad to step out of the plane. They turn around and there he is. The dog just stops and stares at him. At this point, dad has to be wondering if his dog remembers him. But in just a few seconds, the reaction he’d hoped for comes out! The dog is whimpering and crying as he jumps all over dad and welcomes him back with lots of kisses. 🙂

It’s such a beautiful moment and reunion, and everyone in the airport terminal stops what they’re doing to watch. They just can’t help themselves! It truly is an incredible thing to witness, and you’re guaranteed to smile when you see it!