Stray Had Just Given Birth Somewhere, Leads Rescuers Deep Into A Shipping Yard

Hope For Paws received a call about a dog living at a shipping yard. They were told she had recently given birth, so they were on the lookout for some puppies too. Even with the mama close by and responding to food, they needed to get to the puppies first.

But that’s when a security guard approached and tried to put an end to the rescue. He wasn’t happy that people were trying to take the family away. It took some convincing that the environment was not a healthy place for the pups and that they’d find them all great homes. Not to mention the fact it was the supervisor of the facility who called Hope For Paws.

He finally agreed to lead them to the puppies! A couple of the pups were easy to grab, but the other went and hid. But with some work, they were able to grab the last one and put the family back together. Mom was so happy to see her pups!

All of the dogs checked out okay, and Mama Agnus, Odis, Marge, and Forest were all placed in a foster home. And it wasn’t long before LA Animal Rescue found them all loving forever homes. Amazing! 🙂