Matted Homeless Dog Wouldn’t Let Anyone Touch Her For Over 2 Years

Hope For Paws received a picture of a homeless dog they couldn’t ignore. They’d drive 2.5 hours one way to see the extremely matted dog who hadn’t let anyone touch her in over two years. And it really showed.

It would take some work to capture her using food as someone had been feeding her all these years, and that person never got close to her. A few moments of stress in the net would be worth the life to come, and the whole community was happy to see Abby finally safe and sound.

It took over an hour to shave off the more than one-pound of matted fur. Abby would need to learn to trust and love after two years of being alone on the streets, but she started to slowly come around. Abby is such a loving girl now and being fostered by Smooch Pooch Rescue while awaiting that forever home! 🙂