92 Military Dogs Coming Home From Afghanistan After A Job Well Done

AMK9 is the leading global provider of K9 Detection Services, and they undertook the huge task of bringing home 92 military dogs from Afghanistan. The amount of planning it takes to pull something off on this scale is nothing short of amazing, but they were up to the task.

AMK9 was contracted by the United States government to bring the war heroes home after completing their service over 7,000 miles away. But the organization does much more than that. When the dogs return, these kindhearted people work had to make sure they are properly placed. Some go to loving homes for retirement, other dogs still fit for training continue doing so in another capacity.

You’ll witness in the video below the moment some of the individual dogs find their forever homes. Jon Wertjes, President/COO of AMK9, provides the update on the 92 dogs who were either reassigned to new jobs or matched up with the perfect families through Piper’s Playhouse in Anniston, Alabama.

“Four dogs is a huge accomplishment,” says Tisha Mullen, the Logistics and Procurement Manager over at AMK9. “When you move 92? It absolutely changes the entire scope.”

Where are they now?

h/t We Love Animals